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We appreciate the role that parents play in our youth soccer program.  More information on Sideline Code of Conduct and Coach Code of Conduct can be found at NSRL/WPL. GFYSC complies with all the rules of Granite Falls School District.

*No alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco products (including chewing tobacco, and delivery devices such as vapor pens).

*Keep pets off all fields (playing and practice) & pick up your garbage.

*Don’t allow children to play on the goals and nets. Goals can tip and have the potential to cause serious injury.

*Please demonstrate kindness and respect in your words and actions towards coaches, players, officials and fans.  No verbal abuse, name calling or violent behavior.  Spectator misconduct may result in being removed from the field and possibly barred from future games.

*Please encourage those around you to be kind and respectful.

*No coaching from sidelines. Remember, this is a children’s game. Always provide positive support and encourage good sportsmanship.