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NEW PLAYERS who did NOT play for GFYSC Fall '23 must choose the 'new player' registration fee.

Spring 2024 Soccer information, registration will open mid-January 2024 and close February 15, 2024. Please read all of the information before clicking ‘REGISTER NOW.’  By registering your player for GFYSC you are agreeing to the payment terms & terms of the season. Please review all the information carefully.  

Welcome to Spring 2024 Soccer registration! Hopefully by now you have heard from your Coach and know they are fielding a team for Spring! If not, please reach out to them before registering. All efforts are made to place every player. Spring is typically a smaller season for Rec Soccer and many of our Coaches are committed to Spring sports or their player is, it often can be difficult to fill teams. Preference is given to returning players and new players are placed on a waitlist until the end of February, then added to the roster, if there is room available. Unfortunately, often we have to turn players away in Spring, but come Fall we are back at our full season. We try not to turn anyone away and none of us like to, but sometimes we just can’t meet the minimum requirements for a roster. All coaches are volunteers as well is your Board, please volunteer in some way! We appreciate it.

NEW PLAYERS (DID NOT play for GFYSC Fall ’23) please select the payment plan labeled ‘new player’ so you will not be charged at this time. Watch your email at the end of February once registration closes, you will have 24 hours to pay your player’s spot or we will need to move down the waitlist. Thank you for understanding. We are unable to refund the 3rd party fees if you pay now and we cannot place your player for Spring. New Players, micros and up, will also incur an additional fee (beyond the current fee for Spring) for their required player card through US Club Soccer, returning players paid this in their Fall fees. 

PLAYER REQUESTS TO PLAY UP: Please email all requests to play up, including if your player always plays up, to to ensure the request is noted. Requests are just that and we make every effort to honor them. Placement is always by birth year first then we look at requests.

micros players (ages 4.5-6) you may register, but will be placed on a waitlist. At this time we do not have fields secured for you & we are still seeking a coordinator. We would love to offer a micros program this Spring! WE need volunteers to do so and we need to ensure field space. I will email you mid-February with information to pay IF we can run a program. Cost for Spring will be $30. 

U08 players we plan to partner with Mukilteo and Everett again to offer you a 6 week season. More info to come. Cost for Spring will be $40.

RETURNING PLAYERS, U09-U12: Your Coach will receive their roster at the end of February and practices can begin in March. While we encourage lighter practices for Spring, it is a Coach discretion. All practices are held on GF SD fields. Home games are also on GF SD fields. Your schedule will push through to the Gotsport app on the ‘schedule’ tab and any updates are automatically pushed through there. The schedule should be out mid-March. Just like Fall, the first 2 games should be scheduled with time & location by 10 days prior with the remaining games scheduled by the end of the day on the 2nd game weekend. Please do not email the Club admin asking for your schedule, all schedule questions should be directed to your Coach. If you have concerns over the league, Club, your coach or any issues/questions please email Emails are answered within 72 hours. Cost for Spring will be $60 for U09/U10 and $65 for U11/U12, at this time we do not anticipate having U13+ teams. Cost covers needed gear & equipment, referees, field maintenance, sani can for game day, Insurance for the Club and other costs involved for the season. We strive to keep the cost of playing soccer in Granite affordable for everyone, if your player is in need of financial assistance please email subject ‘player scholarship.’ At GFYS we never want cost to prevent a player from joining us! For Spring we are able to offer a $10 sibling discount after 2 siblings are registered, to receive the discount, each sibling must be registered in the same transaction and by the same family member. 

SPRING SEASON DATES Games open the weekend of April 6th and run for 6 weeks, 6 games, ending May 11th. 3 HOME and 3 AWAY (within Snohomish County.) Games can be scheduled on Saturdays and/or Sundays (after 12:30 pm on Sundays.) Typically it is one game a weekend, depending on number of teams, field availability etc you may get a BYE weekend and double header another weekend.

GEAR PROVIDED BY YOU Players need shin guards, Soccer cleats only, black shorts, black soccer socks and their Fall Jersey OR a plain orange shirt. We are unable to order Jerseys for Spring. Players U08 need size 3 ball, U09-U12 size 4 ball and U13+ size 5 ball. The Club will supply each team with a gear bag of extra soccer balls, cones, pennies, first aide and other training gear.

 *We are only able to accept credit card or Debit (ACH) payments. Credit card payments have a 3.3% per transaction non-refundable fee, we are unable to accept AMEX. Any payment returned for insufficient funds carries a $15 fee. Payment for registration is due at the time you register to ensure your player a spot. GotSoccer is our third-party registration system and charges a $4 software fee per player/per transaction. This fee is non-refundable.

*Refund policy; prior to the first game, we can refund 100% minus any administrative & cc fees, the cost of t-shirt/jersey (if ordered) and fees already paid to the League. Once games begin, we will prorate refunds minus any of the above costs & fees. By mid-way through the season we are unable to offer refunds. 

*Gotsport charges each user a $4 software fee to cover use of registration system and the Team app page. If you haven’t already, download the Gotsport app. Once rosters are released your team will automatically appear, there is no additional charge for use of the app.

NEW as of Spring 2024: 

Rule 309 — Sideline Etiquette
The Sideline/touchline (technical area) for both teams must be located on the same sideline/touchline between the halfway line and the 18 yd line (extended).
Spectators must be on the opposite sideline/touchline (2 yards behind). Spectators, Players, and Team Staff are prohibited between the 18 yd line (extended) down to the end line (or corner flag). No one is allowed on or near the end line/goal line from corner to corner. The Head Coach for each team is responsible for the behavior of their Spectators’ sideline.  Spectators are expected to behave appropriately and respectfully before, during and after the match. Unruly or irresponsible behavior identified by the referee crew will (at minimum) lead to expulsion of the Team’s Head coach. The Head Coach must leave immediately, or the match will be abandoned. This will result in the offending team forfeiting the match and/or a monetary fine. If the league receives reports of unsportsmanlike/unruly conduct from any spectator(s), the league reserves the right to fine the offending Club(s), remove the team(s) from the league or take any other action, if deemed necessary.